faq.life is currently in beta so... please report any glitches to me at @joshuadotworks

Where am I?

You're on faq.life. It's a website, on the Internet.

What is this?

faq.life answers your questions by mining strings of text from famous old texts.

Is this serious?

Not really.

Who is behind this?

faq.life is a product of Joshua Grant. You can find him on Twitter at @joshuadotworks. Click here to see more of my web and design projects.

I am offended by something I saw on here

If it's a question or answer, just give it a thumbs down. I'll program something to scrub low-quality or evilbadscary stuff.

Upcoming features:

  • More theme options and customizability for the "Create" section.
  • More sources.
  • Better grammar/question recognition
  • Your suggestion here...